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Renaissance Lutheran-Taylor Leadership Team

Sarah Gordon, Principal
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Sarah Gordon is a talented professional with an extensive background in the field of education and nearly a decade of invaluable experience. In 2023, she assumed the role of principal at LUMIN Schools, specifically at the Taylor Avenue campus of Renaissance Lutheran. Throughout her educational journey, she has assumed a variety of roles, encompassing being an English Language Arts teacher, a science teacher for 7 years, and a lead teacher for fifth grade. Sarah is a highly skilled individual with a remarkable ability to establish meaningful connections with those she encounters. Her interactions are characterized by genuine warmth and an innate ability to bring joy to others. 

Sarah, a native of Racine and Union Grove, was raised in these vibrant communities. Sarah, from a young age, harbored a strong aspiration to pursue a career in education, with a particular interest in becoming a teacher. From a young age, she was divinely chosen to make a lasting impression on the lives of young individuals. Mrs. Gordon holds a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Special Education and Administration, both of which were earned from the esteemed Carthage College. 

The remarkable ways in which the LUMIN community embodies and exemplifies its core values initially captivated Sarah. With a steadfast commitment to maintaining the current momentum, she works to leverage her exceptional organizational expertise and effective communication abilities. 

Sarah is a dedicated professional who is happily married and blessed with the joy of raising two wonderful children. She is a devoted person who exemplifies the qualities of a true servant. With a generous heart, she devotes ample time to her ministry. On weekends, she spends her time nurturing her family life, serving in her church (HOPE City), immersing herself in a good book, and honing her creative skills through various crafting activities.

This die-hard Green Bay Packer fan is passionate about cultivating a generation of transformative individuals dedicated to advancing the principles of the Kingdom of God. She is committed to fostering a future characterized by impactful change and unwavering dedication. Sarah is a visionary leader who draws inspiration from the timeless wisdom of 2 Timothy 1:7. With a steadfast commitment to her personal and professional growth, she exemplifies the qualities of courage, power, and a sound mind. With her unwavering faith, deep understanding of this scripture, and steadfast commitment, she will carefully use the word of God to build robust bonds with her team, students, and families.

For any questions, please contact Sarah Gordon at [email protected]

Morgan Styden, Operation Manager
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In 2020, Morgan Styden embraced the LUMIN family, initially serving as an administrative assistant before elevating to the role of Operations Manager at Renaissance Lutheran School - Taylor.

Originally from Zion, IL, Morgan transitioned to Wisconsin. While her childhood aspiration was to become a lawyer, Morgan believes that God had distinct plans for her, leading her into the realm of education at LUMIN. Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a concentration on child and adolescent development, Morgan is also certified in CPR and First Aid. Beyond her professional pursuits, Morgan enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, traveling, and actively participating in her church, Jesus Alive Ministries.

Morgan's alignment with LUMIN is rooted in shared values, particularly the commitment to placing God at the forefront of everything. The opportunity to share the Gospel and contribute to building God's kingdom and the next generation of leaders is an indescribable blessing for her. Leveraging her exceptional communication, multitasking, and organizational skills, Morgan is dedicated to advancing the mission of LUMIN Schools. As she aptly puts it, "One of the best parts of my job is the relationships I get to build with the scholars and their families!"

Her chosen scripture, John 16:33, encapsulates her approach to life: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!”

For any questions, please contact Morgan Styden at [email protected]

Saray Hernandez, Administrative Assistant

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Saray Hernandez became a valued member of the LUMIN family in 2023, taking on the role of Administrative Assistant at Renaissance Lutheran School-Taylor.

Originally hailing from Leon GTO, Mexico, Saray made her way to Wisconsin in the early 2000s. Despite her childhood dream of becoming an attorney with six adopted kids, Saray discovered a different yet fulfilling career path. She is a licensed massage therapist and a certified personal trainer with a background in behavioral change and corrective exercise. Prior to joining LUMIN, Saray amassed experience in Allied health, finance, and diversity and inclusion consulting.

What attracted Saray to LUMIN Schools was the opportunity to be part of a Christian organization. Having existing connections with several staff members, she recognized their unwavering dedication to the Lord, ministry, and education—an environment she eagerly wanted to be a part of.

Guided by her favorite scripture, 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind," Saray navigates through life's trials with gratitude. She values the authority and dominion granted to us by God's love, empowering her to face challenges with the strength bestowed upon her through the Holy Spirit.

For any questions, please contact Saray Hernandez at [email protected]