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Mission & Vision

LUMIN Mission

Our purpose is to provide safe, Christian schools focused on educational success, leadership development and spiritual growth.

LUMIN Vision

  • LUMIN Schools are recognized in the city, state and across the country for the positive impact it has on students, families and communities.
  • LUMIN Schools students regularly achieve at or above grade level because of the value-added education they receive. LUMIN Schools teachers work with other specialists in integrated teams to improve student outcomes. Teachers, pastors, social workers and curriculum specialists work together with families to raise expectations for academic and life success. LUMIN Schools students believe and demonstrate they can be successful in high school, college and life because of the growth in faith and the academic success they experience in LUMIN Schools.
  • LUMIN Schools students are leaders in their schools, churches and neighborhoods. They share Christ with their families and friends. Service activities are part of their life, and those projects are valued by the people they serve. Residents around LUMIN Schools recognize that “LUMIN Schools students are different” in a positive way. LUMIN Schools families feel part of a larger, Christ-centered community. They celebrate baptisms, confirmations and other life events together. Parents and relatives are strengthened in their faith in Jesus through the example of their children and the ministry of the LUMIN Schools staff. Church attendance is steadily increasing among LUMIN Schools families and stability grows for them as members of the LUMIN Schools community.
  • LUMIN Schools teachers view their work as ministry, not a job. They model the Christian life of faith and encourage their students in their faith as well. Teachers use current best practices for urban education and regularly engage in in-service and outside training to grow as professionals. Collaborative teams with members from different schools meet regularly to improve every aspect of LUMIN Schools.
  • The Concordia University System and secular universities in the state recognize that LUMIN Schools set the standard for effective, Christ-centered, results-oriented urban education. Student teacher candidates compete for positions in LUMIN Schools to become outstanding urban educators and transfer what they learn to other schools around the country.